• Isabelle Daza shared a few tips on how to spend your money wisely
  • She said it’s important to spend on experiences and things that bring us joy
  • She also reminded us to be grateful for everything we have

Isabelle Daza gave tips on how to spend your money wisely and responsibly.

Image by Isabelle Daza via Facebook page

The celebrity mom admitted she loves buying things online. But she has learned how to “filter out” what she should spend her money on. On Instagram, Isabelle posted a few tips which she practices to help her be mindful of how she spends her hard earned money.

Her first tip is spend on experiences. Isabelle said, “Now that I’m older I realized that spending on experiences is definitely so much better than an actual material thing, especially experiences that bring you closer to the people that you love.”

Second tip is don’t be emotional. Isabelle said sometimes we make bad money decisions such as spending on something very expensive and turns out it’s useless.

“My friend just bought a DJ set but he hasn’t touched it. I think that a very painful lesson that we sometimes make a decision of a whim. We need to be more conscious and less emotional with our spending,” she said.

Image by Isabelle Daza via Facebook

Isabelle’s third tip is prioritize what brings you joy. She said it’s okay to spend money on things that “will bring and add value to your life.” She explained, “Prioritizing things that bring us joy and not just instant gratification.”

Lastly, Isabelle shared that she’s been keeping a gratitude journal and she writes down what she’s thankful for every single day. She said it keeps her focused on the important things that truly matter in her life.

Isabelle said, “Because when you focus on what you have, you are reminded of what’s important and not what you’re missing out on.”

These are truly food for thought!

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