• Darren Espanto showed off his buff new look
  • Many celebrities and netizens were shocked and couldn’t help but call him their “bunso”
  • Darren had once been called “gay” by JK Labajo which led to a huge Twitter feud

Darren Espanto has surprised many of his followers when he showed off his “buff” new look.

Image by Darren Espanto via Instagram

On Instagram, the teen singer posted photos of himself with a leaner, finer muscle tone. He captioned it with, “I could make it better. I could hold you tighter.”

On his feed, Darren have been sharing that he has been serious in his workouts. In one post he shared a photo of his biceps and said, “Kunwari may muscle pero tumaba talaga ako. Haha.”

Many of his followers and celebrity friends were a bit surprised at his transformation. It had over 133,000 reactions and over 2,400 comments. Many of which were surprised reactions about his new look.

Entertainment host Darla wrote, “Huy, what happened! The baby is now a hottie!” Gretchen Ho also commented, “Naks! Big boy na! Keep working on those [biceps emoji].” Singer Richard Poon also said, “Grabe na ang muscles ah!”

Darren’s close friend, Kylie Echarri, jabbed at him saying, “Gwapo mo kyah, ang macho pa.” MYX VJ Ai Dela Cruz was also surprised and said, “OMG. Hindi kita nakilala! More pa-biceps outfits.”

Image by Darren Espanto via Instagram

When a netizen asked what his workout routine is, Darren replied, “My coach makes me lift a lot. haha”

It can be recalled that Darren was once embroiled in a controversy after JK Labajo allegedly criticized him for his looks and called him “gayness at its finest.” The comment didn’t sit too well with Darren who challenged JK with a lawsuit. He explained that he had endured years of being criticized for his looks and actions that he wanted to stand up for himself.

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