• Halloween costume ideas from celebrity kids
  • These parents didn’t go with the usual scary Halloween costumes but went for cute, adorable costume ideas
  • Halloween is the best time for parents to have fun dressing up their kids into whatever they want

Many celebrity kids have dressed up in cute costumes for Halloween.

Image by Drew Arellano via Instagram

Halloween doesn’t always have to be scary. Many parents are now opting to go for “cutie” than “scary” Halloween costumes for their kids.

The Halloween season is the best time to dress up your kids in whatever they want to become. When it comes to costume ideas, the options are limitless. Do you want to be silly or funny? Do you want to be scary and unforgettable?

What’s important is for your kids to enjoy dressing up and spending fun time together with family and friends. They may have their own ideas of what they want to be for Halloween, but if they can’t decide, well, this is where parents come in.

As many parents continue to look for their kid’s perfect Halloween costume, we’ve rounded up a few costume ideas from these adorable celebrity kids.

The little boys of Iya Villania and Drew Arellano looked adorable in their costumes. Baby Leon was inspired by the famous pirate character, “Blackbeard.” Meanwhile, Primo was a Toy Story’s “Woody” in their school’s “Trick or Treat” Party.

Image by Drew Arellano via Instagram

In the photo, Primo was joined by his classmate, Lucia; the daughter of Bianca Gonzales and JC Intal. Lucia was dressed up as “Amaya” or “Owlette” of PJ Masks.

In another costume party, their entire family joined in the fun as they dressed up as the characters from the movie “Moana.” Daddy JC dressed up as “Maui,” Mommy Bianca as “Te Fiti,” Baby Carmen as “Kakamora” while Lucia was “Moana.”

Image by JC Intal via Instagram

Meanwhile, Marian Rivera’s little girl Zia bagged her school’s “Best Costume” award for her clown costume. What’s even more impressive with Zia’s costume is that it’s made out of recycled materials. Add to that costume her readiness to act as a clown; making faces to the delight of netizens. How not to be impressed?

Image by Marian Rivera-Dantes via Instagram

The daughter of Melissa Ricks, Kiera Kelly, was beautiful little Princess Jasmine and it’s obvious that the cute four-year-old enjoyed her attire. See that smile?

Image by Melissa Ricks via Instagram

JC De Vera and Rikkah’s a year and a half princess, Lana, was a little sunflower complete with her stripes stockings.

Image by JC De Vera via Instagram

Regine Velasquez’s son Nate, who’s turning 8 years old next month, was dressed up as a tree last year, but he chose now to be the popular character, Harry Potter. Abra cadabra!

Image by Regine Velasquez via Instagram