Heavy rains due to the habagat caused flooding in several areas in Metro Manila and nearby provinces. Rescue operations were conducted in severely affected areas. However, in a Barangay in Gumaca, Quezon, a netizen posted a mishap wherein residents ‘rescued’ several boxes of bottled wine.

“Bumaha ng alak”

Online user Reymar John Jordan shared on Facebook early Sunday morning that wine ‘poured’ in a barangay in Gumaca, Quezon.

“While driving….bumaha ng alak umagang umaga…tsk,” his caption goes.

The photos he shared caught the attention of people on social media as it showed people grabbing boxes and bottles of wine which had fallen along a highway in Barangay Hagakhakin.

As per a Balitambayan story, the sides of a delivery van suddenly became loose and caused boxes of wine to fall along the highway. The driver of the van reportedly evaded another vehicle on the curved side of the highway and it was thereafter that the van’s sidings broke loose. The delivery was, supposedly, on its way to Bicol.

Image capture of Reymar John Jordan’s Facebook post

The unfortunate incident, according to the Gumaca Municipal Police Station, happened around 7 am on August 12, Sunday, which led to a heavy traffic — and a seemingly “free for all” wine avalanche in the aforementioned barangay.

Residents rushed to the scene of the mishap, but instead of extending assistance to the driver of the delivery van by collecting the unbroken bottles of wine, those seen in the photos took the liberty to hurriedly grab as much bottles as they can.

The Gumaca police said no one has been reported injured. They have no idea as to the total worth of wine the delivery lost.

However, the police said it would have been better if the residents had helped the driver gather the boxes of wine rather than taking advantage of the situation.

Nearly 2,100 comments have poured on Jordan’s post with many finding humor in the ‘wine flooding’, but others chided those involved in the looting; saying that instead of helping the driver, they preferred to take home the bottles of wine.

Image capture of Reymar John Jordan’s Facebook post