• Poland is considering to hire Filipino workers
  • Poland’s growing labor shortage is hurting its economy 
  • Poland and the Philippines share many cultural values being both Roman Catholic nations

A growing labor shortage that is hurting its economy has prompted Poland, whose right-wing government is against taking in migrants, to consider hiring workers from other countries outside of the European Union.

As per an ABS-CBN story, a senior official of Poland said they are signing a labor agreement with Philippine authorities by September at the earliest.

Stanislaw Szwed, Poland’s Secretary of State in the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social policy, said his country is on course to signing an accord with the Philippines.

“We are on course to conclude an agreement. I hope that in the autumn (September to November) we will be able to at least sign a preliminary accord with the Philippine authorities,” Szwed said.

Szwed noted that the Philippines and Poland, being both Catholic nations, share many cultural values.

 Meanwhile, Elsa U. Villa, president of the Philippine Association of Service Exporters, Inc., said that based on their meetings with Polish employers, Poland will be needing thousands of workers  in the manufacturing and agricultural sectors.

Image from PASEI

Villa said the number of needed migrant workers for the aforementioned sectors could reach at least 100,000.  She added that Poland is currently experiencing a labor shortage because of its aging population due to low birth rate and the emigration of its own Polish workforce to more affluent European Union countries.

Poland has been relying with the neighboring Ukraine for its workforce. At least a million of Ukrainians are already working in the country and 300,000 more are expected in the next few years.