A wonderful family story has been shared on the internet and it’s so amazing.

Just recently, Taylor Plyler, an elated daughter, shared a video on a Facebook page  – Help Tim Find a Kidney.

It was an FB page which she created months ago to help find a kidney donor for her kind and loving Dad Tim Shelton  who’s battling Polycystic Kidney disease.

The page was also an online campaign meant to spread awareness of the genetic disease which she and her dad were both born with; a  truly challenging journey their family is struggling to overcome.

On her heartwarming video she said: “I never in a million years thought I would be posting this – I truly am speechless but typing the best I can or know how to. If you don’t believe in Jesus Christ and you don’t believe in miracles, I encourage you to read this.”

Image via Help Tim Find a Kidney Facebook page

Her Dad, she said, is in kidney failure after a life long battle with Polycystic Kidney disease. It is a genetic disease which she and her dad were, sadly, both born with.

“For those of you who don’t know our story, my 56 year old dad went into sudden kidney failure 2 years ago due to a lifelong genetic disease called polycystic kidney disease. With this disease, you are born with fluid filled cysts that grow in and around your kidneys causing them to be enlarged and work harder than the average, healthy kidney. Although we knew the severity of the disease, the failure was sudden. We spent a happy Christmas with a healthy dad and by February we had a very sick dad. 

With nobody in our immediate family who qualified to donate a kidney, we made it a mission to Help Find Tim a live kidney donor. Little did we know, God had a miraculous plan when we were in our darkest place. “

On the same FB page, she also shared her own agonizing story as an 11-year-old suffering also from a genetic disease but through all the pain and trials, her parents never faltered in their love and support.

“I say all this to say…my dad never gave up. Never. For four years, he listened to me pray I would die and be with Jesus. He listened to specialist after specialist tell me nothing was wrong and still came home and believed me. He watched me scream when I had to drink horrific things for tests and he nurtured me every step of the way. He stayed up with me every. single. night for four years y’all. For four years, we slept on couches in the living room watching old John Wayne movies and Disney channels “Sister Sister” because that’s all that was on every hour of the night. He was my rock and Him and Jesus are the only reason I lived past the worst time of my life. “

After tests, she said, “It was discovered I had a gallbladder that didn’t work and gastroparesis aka a paralyzed digestive system. After surgery and medication I was in “remission” and living a normal life in 6 months.”

Her story, according to her, goes way beyond being a “daddy’s girl”; a relationship which she said was built from the lowest pit you could ever imagine a teenager and father going through.

She is so thankful to her ever supportive parents for saving her life, and so she took it upon herself to return the favor; believing with her whole heart that she wouldn’t have lived past her teenage years if it weren’t for their dedication and love.

Image via Help Tim Find a Kidney Facebook page

And just recently, the elated daughter shared a video of that moment she conveyed to her parents such great news about finally having a kidney donor for her dad!

“Last night, I got to tell my parents that a brave, selfless woman called me Tuesday morning to inform me that she had been going through vigorous testing for 6 months and she is a perfect match for my dad.”

That brave, selfless woman, who’s a heaven-sent angel, is Michelle Love, Taylor’s very own mother in law – who actually requested ZERO recognition but, apparently, the overwhelmed daughter just couldn’t keep it to herself any longer. Indeed, she said her father is set to have that kidney transplant in November this year.

She further shared: “This is where it’s emotional for me – I cry every time I think about her. Since last night and from here on out, my dad refers to her as his angel because that’s exactly what she is.”

On her last note on her video post, she said that there are hundreds of thousands of precious lives who could be saved by a kidney donation and is urging others to share their love too by becoming organ donors. Wouldn’t it be great to be a part of someone’s life extension?

To read the full posts by Taylor, you may visit Help Tim Find a Kidney via Facebook.

Meanwhile, let’s watch this amazing family in their moment of joy: