• Actress Bea Alonzo revealed some of her beauty secrets
  • Since she was a child, Alonzo has, apparently, been fond of these inexpensive but effective beauty secrets
  • She said it was her mother who taught her such do-it-yourself natural skin care

If you think that well-known actress Bea Alonzo uses expensive beauty products only, then you’re wrong.

Since she was a child, Alonzo — the lead actress in the iconic Filipino movie One More Chance — has been fond of using inexpensive but effective beauty do-it-yourself natural skin care. On YouTube, she shared these beauty secrets to her followers.

First, she shared that calamansi scrub lightens dark spots.

“Just leave it on for 30 minutes or more. Then rinse it with warm water,” she noted.

“Ito iyong secret na ginagawa sa akin ni Mama noon…. Sobrang effective siya!” she said.

[Mama used to do this to me when I was young. This is very effective.]

Image via By Bea’s YouTube video

To make one’s face less oily, on the other hand, she advised her followers to create face mask using honey and egg white.

“Leave the face mask on until it begins to tighten and then rise away with water,” she said.

Image via By Bea’s YouTube video

She also shared some beauty tips for the hair.

Watch Alonzo’s video and learn more about her natural and inexpensive beauty secrets:

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