• Vice Ganda sent his loyal househelpers to college
  • On their Graduation Ball, Jacquelyn Guerrero and Lalaine Freo were treated to a make-over and a stylist 
  • Vice called them “Vice’s Angels”

Vice Ganda is very much thankful to Jacquelyn Guerrero and Lalaine Freo. He refers to them as “Vice’s Angels” or his house helpers.
They have been working for the Unkabogable Star for six years since they started last June 2012.

Image Capture of Video by Vice Ganda on Youtube channel

In a video on Vice Ganda’s Youtube channel.  Jacquelyn and Lalaine revealed that Vice has been a very generous employer. Jacquelyn admitted that they earlier told Vice that they only plan to work for 1 year since they wanted to go to school. The Kapamilya comedian offered to send them to school instead.

Since then, “Vice Angels” have been constant companions of the star. Vice even mentions them on “It’s Showtime” or includes them on his Instagram stories.

Image by Vice Ganda via Facebook page

Last May 18, 2018, Jacquelyn and Lalaine finally achieved their dream as they prepared for their Graduation Ball.

The two were treated to a make-over, complete with a stylist and a make-up artist to prepare them for their big day. Jacquelyn and Lalaine had a great time and all had great words for their “Ate Vice.”

Lalaine said, “Hindi namin makakalimutan ang Grad Ball na ‘to.” [We will never forget this Grad Ball]

Jacquelyn too was very thankful to her employer, “Ito oh, patapos na kami. Thank you sa lahat!” [This is it. We’re finally graduating. Thank you for everything.]

You can watch the video from Vice Ganda’s Youtube channel:

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