• Vlogger and social media influencer Angel Dei made a remark about being proud of those who supported President Duterte before but now regret it
  • Kitty Duterte answered back saying that she would be proud of those who would rather help and do something rather than show their body on social media
  • Despite the criticisms, Angel Dei tweeted back that she stands firm with her political opinion

Veronica “Kitty” Duterte didn’t mince her words when she answered vlogger and social media influencer, Angel Dei, for her opinion on President Rodrigo Duterte.

Image by Angel Dei via Instagram account

On Twitter, Angel Dei tweeted to her over 274,000 followers her stand on the current administration. She wrote, “If you ever voted or supported Duterte before but you’re regretting it now, then I’m proud of you.”

Image by Angel Dei via Twitter account

The Presidential daughter didn’t like the shade and tweeted, “If you just thought of showing your thinass body on social media, decided to make nonsense videos and all that irrelevant stuff most people nowadays do, but you’re regretting it now and you’re planning to do something that actually helps, then perhaps I can say I’m proud of you.”

Image by Kitty Duterte via Twitter account

Following Kitty’s reply, Angel Dei has been bombarded with criticisms from those who strongly support the President. The vlogger tried to explain her “unpopular opinion” and continued to stay firm with her stand.

Angel Dei tweeted again, “Dont like me because of my political stand? Go lang. That’s your choice. But if you’re going to bombard me with hate tweets and whatnot because of my stand, consider yourself wasting your time because it’s just senseless. “

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