• Bottles of Hot Dog Water have been sold in a festival in Vancouver
  • Introduced as a health product, each bottle costs $38
  • Douglas Evans created the product to encourage critical thinking

Would you drink Hot Dog Water to lose weight?

Bottles of Hot Dog Water have been sold in a recent festival in Vancouver.

On Instagram, photos of the product were uploaded.

“Saw this at today’s #CarFreeDay. Yup, that says #HotDogWater! $75 for two bottles! It’s a steal, right?” read the caption of the picture uploaded by @jeanfong.

The Hot Dog Water, which was sold at $38 per bottle, was introduced as a health product.

Its creator, Douglas Evans, however, made such a product to encourage critical thinking; calling it “a commentary on product marketing, and especially sort of health-quackery product marketing.”

“Hot Dog Water, in its absurdity, hopes to encourage critical thinking related to product marketing and the significant role it can play in our purchasing choices,” Evans said in an interview.

“I think people will actually go away and reconsider some of these other $80 bottles of water that will come out that are ‘raw’ or ‘smart waters,’ or anything that doesn’t have any substantial scientific backing but just a lot of pretty impressive marketing,” he added.

Each bottle of Hot Dog Water has 500ml. A total of 60 liters was sold during the event.