• Former honor student who didn’t graduate on time in college has been getting a lot of praises online
  • Hannah Guijaro Malana was a class valedictorian in elementary and salutatorian in high school
  • In college, she labelled herself as ‘Not a quitter’

Former honor student who didn’t graduate on time in college has been getting a lot of praises online.

On Facebook, Hannah Guijaro Malana shared that she was a class valedictorian in elementary and a class salutatorian in high school but she did not graduate on time in college.

“When you graduated elementary class valedictorian, and high school class salutatorian, what do you think people expect you to be in college? To graduate with Latin honor, have good grades, or, at least, graduate on time. But you know, sh*t happens every day,” she wrote.

Malana said she entered the University of the Philippines (UP) with too much confidence in herself.

“I entered UP with high hopes and with too much self-confidence. It felt like I was really smart,” she stated.

The glow inside her, however, eventually began to fade.

“Each year, I can feel that the glow inside me is gradually fading. Every morning was a battle. Every night was a nightmare. Then I realized, I wasn’t really gifted with high intelligence and that I just knew things but wasn’t really good at it. My self-esteem went low and in a blink of an eye, I lost track,” she wrote.

And then, on the year that she was supposed to graduate, she was informed that she was not able to beat the deadline for her thesis.

“I told myself that 2017 would be my year but then, I was informed that I won’t be able to beat the deadline for my thesis. You know what’s hard aside from accepting the fact that I won’t wear my Sablay that time? It’s controlling my voice while I cry inside the shower room thinking how would I approach my Mama and how would I tell her about the bad news. It’s also covering myself with an extra pillow and hugging my stuffed toy Piba just so I won’t disturb my sleeping roommates. It’s really challenging for me to put myself back together and to stand strong against all odds,” she shared.

She almost gave up — good thing, she has a very supportive and understanding mother.

Image via Hannah Guijaro’s Facebook account

She is also grateful to everyone who did not give up on her; her family and teachers.

“I also offer this Sablay to those who are still struggling with their acads both UP and non-UP students. Keep Fighting! Keep trusting yourself! When people stopped believing in you, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up on yourself too! There may be rough points along the way, but do not dare to give up. Just don’t,” she added.

Malana’s post has inspired and touched a lot of Facebook user.

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