• A netizen has posted on social media on Friday an incident which she suspects to be an attempt at “tanim bala”
  • The infuriating incident reportedly took place at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 Gate 3
  • The incident has reached Malacañang

“Tanim bala is real!”

A netizen, Kristine Bumanglag-Moran, posted on her Facebook account on Friday an infuriating incident involving an alleged “tanim bala” [bullet planting] modus.

She urged others to share the post so it would reach the proper authorities.

According to her post, at around 2:30 pm at the NAIA Terminal 3 Gate 2, together with her daughter and senior citizen mother, they checked in on their way to board a flight going to Zamboanga.

As they passed by the X-Ray section she was held back by an officer and told that her bag has to be opened for inspection.

” I obliged thinking that they saw the ” black box ” that I have inside it ( a black box is a small equipment in Physical Therapy we use for treating our patients).”

She said she was assisted by a man in a grey sweater, who, upon opening her bag took a jumpsuit which happens to belong to her daughter; saying “eto yun” but there was nothing in it.

Next, another officer reportedly said “buksan pa natin”; referring to her baggage. But to Kristine’s shock and dismay, she said she saw a tiny bullet inside the front pocket of her baggage.

Image via Kristine Bumanglag- Moran’s Facebook post

“I was so furious and I was yelling,” she continued her post.  “Mga tarantado kyo Hinde pa pala tapos etung palabas nyo! Ako pa ang na timing nyo! Nagtratrabaho ako ng maayus At sa gobyerno tulad nyo! Mga p**sa kyo Kako kasama ko ang anak ko na kakadischarge sa Hospital Tapos ang nanay Ko na senior citizen!”

She went on to say that a police officer then approached then asking what had happened and Kristine told them their staff  just found out she had a bullet in her bag.

“Kako maam Hinde Ako tanga Wag nila Ako gawing tanga! Hinde Ko palalampasin etung katarantaduhan nila!” she blurted out.

Then a senior police approached her, and she told the officer that she’s an employee of the government and what’s happening is wrong.

She was then told that there’s no problem there — ” Ok lang yan logbook lang namin etong incident, wala namn po mangyayare sa inyo.”

“They asked for my ID, my mom didn’t agree I gave her senior citizen ID instead. May sinulat lang Sa logbook.,” she further disclosed.

Image via Kristine Bumanglag- Moran’s Facebook post

Meanwhile, the incident has, apparently, reached the President; basing from the Facebook post of Special Assistant to the President Bong Go where he also assured that the Duterte Administration will never tolerate such an act.

In his post, Sap Go wrote: “May natanggap kaming report na may tanim bala incident na naman daw sa NAIA.

We reiterate – the Duterte Administration will never tolerate this “modus” operandi. We have ordered the concerned agencies to address this within 24 hours. We are expecting them to comply or face the consequences.

Sinabi na ng Pangulong Duterte noon, na pag nangyari pa ito, ipapakain niya yung bala sa taong gumawa, and I assure everyone, he will really do it.

Bukas ang tanggapan namin para tumanggap ng reklamo. Magtulungan po tayo para matigil ang ganitong klaseng panloloko.”

[The President has said this before — in the event this kind of modus happens again, the perpetrator will be made to eat the bullet.]