• A Taiwanese father shared a loving message for his son-in-law
  • It stated that he will always be there to take care of his daughter if her husband won’t
  • The video has gone viral after netizens couldn’t help but be touched with the father’s love

A Taiwanese father couldn’t hold back his tears when his beloved daughter got married and he shared a touching message for his son-in-law.

A Facebook post by Ting Yi Yeh was featured in South China Morning Post after it has gone viral. Ting shared a video of her father becoming emotional on her sister’s wedding. She wrote that their father isn’t good with words but poured his heart out to express his love for his beloved daughter. The loving father gave a message for his son-in law. It reads:

“The first one to embrace her was me.
The first one to kiss her was me.
The first one to care for her was me.
Still, I hope you will be the one who accompanies her for life.
But if there ever comes a day when you don’t love her anymore. Please don’t tell her, tell me.
I will take her home.”

There’s a popular saying that for women, it’s hard to find a man who loves you more than your father does. For Ting’s father, no matter how old his children are, he always has a big heart to care for them all.

You can view the video with translations from South China Morning Post’s Facebook page: