• A Filipina was killed by her own son on her 65th birthday in Vienna
  • The son admitted he was under extreme pressure from his mother
  • Police has yet to locate the weapon used in the crime

A 65-year-old woman was reportedly killed by her own son on her birthday last Wednesday, April 11 in Vienna, Austria.

An article from Tech2 identified the victim as a Filipina, although her name was not revealed. She is believed to have died from a blunt force to her head.

The prime suspect in the crime is her 25-year-old son, an architecture student who was also not named.

According to the Vienna police, the young man called his father, a Nigerian who is living separately from the family, and told him he ‘did something bad’.

When the authorities arrived at the family’s home in Fernkorngasse, they discovered the body of the mother and the apartment was in disarray.

The suspect tried to escape by climbing out of the window but was eventually subdued and arrested.

As per ABS-CBN News, the man confessed during interrogation he was under ‘extreme pressure’ from his mother which led to him killing her.

Neighbors said they heard a heated argument inside apartment before the incident happened.

Police are still investigating and has yet to locate the murder weapon.