• The moment the preserved remains of a Mexican child saint seemed to open her eyes was caught on video
  • A tourist visiting the Cathedral of Guadalajara took the video of the chilling incident
  • Many of those who viewed the footage said it was faked, while those who are more religiously inclined believe it was a sign from God

A video taken by a tourist who was visiting the Cathedral of Guadalajara in  Jalisco, Mexico showed the frightening moment when the preserved remains of Santa Inocencia, a little girl who died 300 years ago, appears to open her eyelids.

According to the Mirror, the tourist was panning his camera up and down the corpse of the child saint that is encased in glass when it suddenly opened its eyes. The footage was posted on YouTube where it was viewed a lot of times.

Many viewers thought the footage was faked, but those who were religiously inclined wanted to believe that it was a sign from God.

There are many different stories how the little girl died, but the most popular version is that she was killed by her own father when she took her first communion against his will. Their neighbors took her dead body to the cathedral where she was laid to rest. She has become a symbol of a girl’s deep love for Christ.

Here’s the footage of the moment Santa Inocencia appeared to have opened her eyes: