While all workers have our fair share of trials and triumphs at work, those who work in the fields are among the ones who actually face more physical challenges – for not only are they exposed to the elements while doing their jobs, more often than not they are also paid a measly salary which is often not enough to meet their basic needs!

Thankfully, Filipinos are known for our ingenuity – and that’s how many of us have survived all these years despite not being rich.

For example, the official Facebook page of the Philippine Eagle Foundation is currently appealing for donations of backpack bags for forest guards, writing, “The Philippine Eagle Foundation calls for your support for our forest guards who are in dire need of backpack bags (may it be new or used) which are essential in biodiversity monitoring and foot patrolling.

We have 700 forest guards all over the Philippines – in Davao City, North Cotabato, Davao Oriental, Bukidnon, Zamboanga and in Apayao, Luzon.” For now, the foundation is prioritizing the needs of the 175 forest guards in Davao City but certainly hopes that bag donations will be enough to share to all the forest guards across the country.

Indeed, the job of forest guards is not an easy one; the bags will surely be a great help to them. According to the Philippine Eagle Foundation, the bags don’t even have to be brand new; though they are hoping to receive sturdy bags that can weather the wear and tear of being exposed to the elements as the forest guards do their respective jobs.

Many of them are currently just using makeshift bags made from small sacks of rice!

Photo credit: Philippine Eagle Foundation (Official) / Facebook

Photo credit: Philippine Eagle Foundation (Official) / Facebook

You may contact them through Facebook private message (Philippine Eagle Foundation (Official)) or email at [email protected] for donations and inquiries.