• An all-covered Muslim women graces the spread of Playboy’s magazine for the first time 
  • Journalist Noor Tagouri is featured in the October issue that aims to highlight men and women who fight for what they love 
  • Playboy, last year, abandoned nudity to reach out to a bigger audience 

A Muslim woman all covered up in a leather jacket and a black hijab has been featured in one of the most iconic men’s magazine.

Noor Tagouri, a news reporter from the United States, graced Playboy’s spread for October without the iconic nudity the magazine is known for.

The journalist “is featured wearing a black leather jacket, sneakers and hijab or headscarf,” wrote a news item posted via ABS-CBN‘s website.

The young Muslim journalist was featured as a “badass activist” in the magazine’s issue, which aims to highlight men and women who risked their lives doing what they love to do.

Tagouri was quoted as saying how she managed to be successful on what she is doing given the context of how it is to be Muslim.

“I know what it’s like to have the narrative of our community be skewed and exploited in the media,” she said.

Many have supported Tagouri for agreeing to be featured in the magazine but there are still those who remained skeptical of the Playboy stint.

ABC quoted a tweet from one user that said: “I don’t agree with her appearing in magazine that has unapologetically profited from the sexualization and objectification of women.”

Playboy, known for erotic representation of women, has bid nudity good bye last year in October in an attempt to widen its audience reach and its inability to level with pornography that is being streamed online for free