• Duterte questioned the existence of God as he defends his stance on the revival of death penalty
  • He asks where is God when there are occurence of crimes
  • Reviving the death penalty is among the priority legislations of the Duterte administration

President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday defended his hardline stance on the reimposition of death penalty in the country by questioning God.

“Hindi tumalab yung death penalty nooon kasi hindi in-impose. [Death penalty was not effective before because it was not imposed.] One, because of the Catholic church. Second, the bleeding hearts, because only God can kill,” GMA News Online quoted the President as saying.

He then posed the question: “. Ang problema niyan [The problem with that], I ask you, what if there is no God?”

On defending the death penalty, Duterte said that Filipinos “don’t believe in the law because fear is not there.” Then again asked God: “Where were You when we needed You?”

“So where is now God when a one year old baby, 18-months-old baby is taken from the mother’s arms brought under a jeep and raped and killed. So where is God?”

Reviving the death penalty in the country is among the priority legislations of the Duterte administration. This has been criticized by various sectors – primarily the church – that believes in the value of life.

The church is also a staunch critic of the President for the rise of extrajudicial killings, brought about by the massive crackdown of illegal drug peddlers in the country. More than 3,000 suspected drug personalities have been killed since Duterte launched the campaign.

Aside from the criticized war against drugs, Duterte also raised the issue of war in Syria where there have been countless women and children victims of the Islamic State group. He said that these incidents should be the focus of the United Nations instead of his drug war.

Duterte has earlier challenged the United Nations and the European Union to probe the drug-related killings since he became President.