Back in July, the reel and real life love team ‘Melason’ composed of Melai Cantiveros and husband Jason Francisco confirmed weeks of speculation that their love story is over. Jason said that it was because of Melai taking a leading man in her show – since they had agreed that she would only have a leading man in the show’s opening week yet the show did not break the two up and he admittedly got jealous.

But Melai wasn’t ready to give up on their love just because of jealousy and misunderstandings. Weeks later, they got back together again.

Then, on the September 29 episode of ‘Magandang Buhay’, the talk show announced that they will have a new, fourth ‘Kapamilya’ to join the show. It was later revealed that the fourth ‘host’ will actually be a baby because Melai is pregnant!

Watch the announcement here:

She’s 10 weeks pregnant and excited about the upcoming addition to their family. It is such great news that they will have this new baby right after the sadness of their brief break-up.

Jason and their daughter, Mela, also visited Melai on the show: