• Police shot it out with riding-in-trio in Malate
  • One men shot dead, two cohorts escaped
  • Locals said riding-in-trio could be notorious holduppers operating in the area

MANILA, Philippines – Police shot dead a man who was part of a riding-in-trio after they engaged the law enforcers in shootout in Malate, Manila on Tuesday.

Killed on the spot was an unidentified man with the tattoo “Reyes” on his neck. He was shot dead after he and his cohorts fired at a policeman.

According to Adriatico Police Community Precinct Commander Chief Inspector Paul Sabulao, he accosted the three men as they were riding along Singgalong Street onboard a motorcycle and without a helmet. Sensing something fishy, he went outside his patrol car and accosted the men — at which point two of them brandished a gun.

However, Sabulao managed to fire first, hitting the two backriders.

“I went to them and asked what’s the problem because they weren’t wearing a helmet,” he told GMA News. “I suddenly saw one of them pulling out a gun. In the CCTV, they were already pulling out a gun while I was approaching them.”

Sabulao, who was not hurt in the firefight, killed the middle rider with four shots to the back and chest while hitting the third rider in the leg. A 9mm pistol was recovered from the deceased.

The incident, which was recorded by a CCTV, shows the driver and back rider driving away from the scene.

According to authorities and locals, the three are believed to be notorious holduppers operating in the area.

“This is where they hold up people,” one local said. “There have been many incidents here because there are few people in the area.”

Police have launched a manhunt operation for the two remaining suspects.


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