• Two hotel guests in Thailand complained of a stench inside a room they rented, but still agreed to stay
  • The next morning, a body of dead transgender woman was discovered underneath the bed
  • Police have arrested the suspects, aged 17 and 14, in the killing
Victim Amphon Kongsong| Image from The Bangkok Post

Victim Amphon Kongsong| Image from The Bangkok Post

Two hotel guests in Thailand has slept overnight on a bed that they didn’t know was hiding a shocking secret.

The Bangkok Post said the two unnamed guests already complained of a stenchful smell inside the room they rented at a hotel at the seaside resort in Pattaya, but still agreed to sleep the night anyway.

After they left the next morning, a cleaner noticed blood seeping through the flooring under the mattress. It was then that a dead body was discovered underneath.

The body reportedly belongs to a transgender woman named Amphon Kongsong. She was killed by two teenagers inside the same room following an argument.

Police have apprehended the two boys aged 17 and 14 who both admitted to the crime. They tracked the suspects with the help of the CCTV footage in the hotel.

According to Col. Apichai Kropphet, chief of the Muang Pattaya police, the victim, who worked at a bar, invited the older boy to check in inside the hotel after meeting through Facebook.

She allegedly offered him a job at the same bar. The 17-year-old then asked his 14-year-old friend to accompany him.

While inside the room, Amphon allegedly tried to convince one of the boys to have intercourse with her. However, the teener refused; leading to a heated argument.

During interrogation, the boys admitted one of them strangled the victim to death, while the other was holding her legs.

The police also found out the two have previously been arrested for assault-related cases. The suspects have been detained at the Muang Pattaya police station facing charges of premeditated murder and body concealment.