• The man earlier named as the shooter in the viral road rage video has surfaced at the NBI to deny the allegation
  • The confusion stemmed from the erroneous conduction sticker/plate mentioned in previous news reports
  • The police has tagged another man as the shooter, but whose name cannot be revealed as yet

MANILA, Philippines – The man earlier identified in several Facebook posts as the alleged shooter in the viral road rage incident in Quiapo has come forward to deny the allegation.

Nestor Punzalan, the Facebook user whose name was dragged into the horrifying shooting incident after a netizen traced the conduction sticker of the Hyundai Eon to his vehicle, surfaced at the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) on Tuesday after allegedly receiving threats and hate comments on social media.

Several Facebook pages have posted the photo of Punzalan’s car, which turned out to be identical to the vehicle – a red Hyundai Eon – seen in the copy of the CCTV footage of the incident provided by the barangay.

However, the conduction sticker/plate provided in several news reports was said to be erroneous.

A netizen later clarified to Top Gear, one of the pages who posted a photo of Punzalan’s car, that the actual conduction sticker/plate of the Hyundai Eon in the viral video is MO3745; while Punzalan’s is MO3746 which has become a source of confusion among readers.

Top Gear has since apologized for the mix-up and its editor, Vernon Sarne, has taken full responsibility.

Another suspect

According to GMA News, the NBI had inspected Punzalan’s car and found no evidence to link it to the shooting incident. The man also provided a copy of the medical certificate which showed he has no bruises which he should have sustained during the brief fistfight with the slain biker.

The Manila police also confirmed Punzalan was not their primary suspect in the killing.

A separate newspaper report also mentioned another name as the main suspect tagged by police, but cannot be revealed here for lack of confirmatory details.

Meanwhile, Punzalan said he is mulling on filing charges against those who circulated the photo of his car on social media and tagged him as the mastermind in the killing.

Road rage

Netizens are up in arms against the unidentified suspect who shot the biker point-blank in the face over a minor traffic altercation in Quiapo, Manila in the latest road rage that shocked the country.

Killed on the spot was 35-year-old Mark Vincent Geralde who reportedly earned the unidentified driver’s ire after he was hit by the latter’s car along P. Pascal St. in Brgy. 385, Quiapo around 9:30 pm.

The two engaged in a heated argument followed by a fistfight that lasted for more than a minute, and eventually in the fatal shooting of the victim.

Aside from Geralde, an 18-year-old bystander named Rosell Bondoc was also wounded after getting hit by a stray bullet. She is now being treated at a hospital.

Geralde sustained multiple gunshot wounds to the head and the body and reportedly died on the spot. The suspect will be facing murder and frustrated homicide charges.

Watch the video below (Disturbing scenes may not be suitable for young viewers. Discretion is STRONGLY advised):