• Cops found an unconscious teen in a grassy area with feet rotting from mosquito bites
  • Officers found out that the teen had ran away from home and played online games for six days
  • His condition could have been worse if he was not rescued immediately

HANGZHOU, CHINA — After six-days of non-stop playing of online games at a local Internet cafe, and several days and nights without food, police authorities found 19-year-old surnamed as Chen in a dazzled state with feet bleeding, badly infected and having a rotting smell.

According to the police, as written on People’s Daily, they were having their patrol at a distance when they saw a pair of feet exposed in a grassy area.

The police officers then checked the area and found the unconscious teen. They were about to call 120 but the young man suddenly moved.

“I want to drink … water …” said the almost-dying thin man whose feet were already rotting from severe infection and mosquito bites, then he fainted.

The police brought the teen in a shaded area and waited for 20 minutes until he regained his consciousness.

According to the police, the temperature was hot when they found the victim in a place that was rarely visited. It could have led to a more disastrous consequence if they were not able to rescue him immediately.

The police took Chen to a cafeteria and gave him food as they examined his identification card to see how to contact his family.

The investigation of the police revealed that the teenager has spent all his money at the Internet cafe and hadn’t eaten for several days.

And upon walking out of the Internet cafe, the moneyless man felt weak and dizzy.

Through the interaction of the police with the father of the teenager, they were able to find out that Chen ran away from home so as to play online games.

Police told his father that his foot infection was already so severe that it could have killed him, as disclosed in a Metro Co Uk article.

It is advisable that parents should set strict limits and monitor usage in allowing their children to play computer games. Addiction to online games could lead to deterioration of  a person’s health as it makes users forget to eat, drink, sleep and work in order to play endlessly.