• Viral photo claimed incoming VP was married to an anti-Marcos leftist during her younger years
  • It said her vendetta with Bongbong stemmed from her supposed husband being killed by gov’t forces
  • Bongbong’s followers fired up by claim, Robredo’s supporters calling it black propaganda

MANILA, Philippines – Was Leni Gerona Robredo already a widow before she met and married Jesse?

According to a viral post, which has been spreading like wildfire online, the incoming vice president used to be the wife of a leftist who was killed by government forces under the regime of late strongman Ferdinand Marcos.

The post, which came with a picture of a newlywed couple (see image capture below), claims that the woman in said photo was none other than Robredo and her first husband.

It says that Robredo’s supposed spouse — described as an “unknown poor guy from Cebu City” — used to be her teenage sweetheart who was an active leftist during the martial law era. Since her parents didn’t approve of him, she ran away and eloped with him without them knowing.

The post then narrated how Robredo went back to her parents to continue her college studies while secretly maintaining her marriage with her beau. It also claimed that her strong criticism of Sen. Bongbong Marcos stemmed from her supposed husband’s death during an armed encounter with government forces.

“When Marcos government orders (sic) arrest and all-out war against rebels her husband was believed to be amongst those who have lost their lives during encounters. In 1987 she re-married to (sic) Former Secretary Jessie Robredo with vows to avenge (her) first husband’s fate,” the post said.

The post has since fueled anti-Robredo sentiments even further; with both her critics and supporters of Marcos calling her fake and disgraceful.

However, followers of Robredo have also taken arms to defend the vice president-elect; with many calling the picture fake and libelous.

Robredo and her camp have yet to comment on the post.

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