• Word war between Davao City mayor and senator heating up further
  • Solon said mayor is planning a revolutionary gov’t with his mentor Joma Sison
  • Duterte called Trillanes a traitor for secretly talking with China over West Philippine Sea dispute

MANILA, Philippines – And the word war continues.

Amid their ongoing spat, Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte took their animosity to another level after both accused each other of being in league with communists.

In his interview with Radyo DZMM, Trillanes accused Duterte of secretly plotting to establish a communist-led revolutionary government together with his former mentor Joma Sison should he win the presidency.

Ang ka-partner niya po ay mga komunista, sina Joma Sison. Mayroon na po silang agreement. Talagang disipulo pala ito ni Joma Sison at ito ay hindi niya po ito maitatanggi. Iyung ibubunyag ko po ay ito na ang mas mabigat. Hindi lang ito pagkaperahan kundi talagang threat to democracy,” he said.

[His partners are communists, including Joma Sison. They already have an agreement. He really is a disciple of Joma Sison and he cannot deny it. What I am telling you is graver. This is not just about money but a real threat to democracy.]

For his part, Duterte accused Trillanes of treason after he engaged China in backdoor talks over the West Philippine Sea and said such secret communications have resulted in the Asian giant effectively taking control of Scarborough Shoal.

“After the 16 trips, China started to construct. Walang isang [Not a single ship of the] Navy na pumunta doon [went there] and the government was not acting. It was really him, the traitor,” he said.

Duterte added President Benigno Aquino III should also be held to task for allowing Trillanes’ talks with China.

“Who freed him? It’s PNoy. Who authorized him to go to China? E ‘di si [Obviously it’s] PNoy,” he said.