• A social media user expressed in a Facebook post her disappoinment over Senator-elect Manny Pacquiao
  • She explained why she thinks Pacquiao shouln’t have run for Senator
  • Ling, however, congratulated Pacquiao for his win

MANILA, Philippines – On May 10, one online user shared her thoughts about Sarangani Representative Manny Pacquiao who’s almost assured of a Senatorial seat. Pacquiao, who ranked 7th in the Comelec partial, unofficial results, gathered more than 15 million votes.

Aixian Leslie Ling expressed her disappointment over Pacquiao being elected as Senator. In a lengthy Facebook post, she explained why.

Starting off with the pride and honor Pacquiao brought to the country, Ling wrote:

“As a boxer and athlete, you took our national pride to a different level. I can say these times, the whole country including I, were with you in your fights. And none can doubt that you truly put the Philippines on the map, we are no longer a simple 3rd world country, but a culturally rich nation that produces top athletes. You were our pride and joy, our precious child. We put you everywhere, on everything.”

And then she went on to Pacquiao becoming a basketball player and a coach, which according to her was fine. And while getting into Congress was a different story, the move was tolerable to some extent because it was the people of Sarangani and their love that elected him to the position — aside from being a generous man.

But his quest for the Senate was quite unacceptable, she said, because he has actually done nothing as a Congressman.

“I am truly disappointed. In fact I am insulted. Not just me, but this is an insult to all proper politicians everywhere. An insult to students and citizens fighting for their rights only to be backed by a “legislator” such as you. An insult to all the students working their heads off for a Bachelor of Laws, when all you had to do was say “I want to help the poor.”

Ling believes there are more qualified senatoriables :‘Candidates that have worked in legislation before, candidates who know how to make laws.’

Ending her post with the kind of politics in the Philippines, which she defined as ‘another detour for the retired ACTORS, ARTISTS, ACTION STARS, SINGERS, and anything in between; it is no longer a place for actual lawyers and lawmakers’, she congratulated Senator-elect Manny Pacquiao and wished him to finally ‘get to make a law’.

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