• Newly elected Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña offered P50,000 reward for every criminal killed
  • The reward is offered to police officers, village watchmen and civilians
  • A P5,000 reward will be given if the criminal is only wounded

Newly elected Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña vowed to fight crime in the city by offering P50,000 bounty for every criminal killed.

Sun Star’s Razel V. Cuizon mentioned in her article dated May 17, 2016 that Mayor Osmeña is willing to reward policemen for every drug lord, robber or any criminal they kill.

The mayor clarified that the reward would be given as long as the killing of criminals is legal or done in the line of duty.

“I have a general message for the police: if you kill a drug lord in the line of duty, you get P50,000, basta (for as long as it’s) legal or in the line of duty,” Osmeña said.

The mayor, however, reminded police officers that they should act within the limit of the law; otherwise they would also end up facing charges.

The reward is being offered not only to police officers but also to barangay tanod [village watchmen] and civilians as long as the killing is legal and the gun used is licensed.

He cited an example of a civilian killing a criminal during actual commission of crime.

“There is a robbery. They (civilians) come to the rescue of the victim and shoot the robber,” Osmeña said; adding “the reward is P5,000 for wounding a criminal and P50,000 for a dead criminal.”

The new mayor warned criminals to just leave the city if they don’t want to be killed.