• One mom’s predicament revealed a Morrisons employee’s kindness after she extended help in calming down one of the kids in a meltdown
  • The kids are both autistic and registered blind
  • The Morrisons management commended Lin as she now made it to the store’s ‘Wall of Fame’

BASINGSTOKE, United Kingdom – It is not frequent that we’d run into someone who would understand our quite trying moments. And when we do, we can’t thank them enough.

In Basingstoke, one mom have only praises for a Morrisons’ staff after the kind employee helped her when her daughters, who are both autistic and registered blind, went into complete meltdown while at the checkout, says Metro.

According to Amanda Wilkins, the lady – known as Lin to her co-workers – distracted her daughter Holly by letting the little girl scan the items while she took care of the other one. In a Facebook post she wrote at the Morrisons’ page, she thanked the ‘very kind lady who decided to help instead of judge’. She said:

“I would like to say a massive thank you to the lady in the photo ( sorry didn’t see her name) who helped me today at Morrisons in Basingstoke. I have two children that are both registered blind and are also autistic. As you can imagine shopping is not an easy thing for me to do, at the checkout both girls decided to go into meltdown and this very kind lady decided to help instead of judge. It doesn’t happen very often! She distracted my daughter by letting her scan all my shopping. A dream come true for Holly who loves playing ‘shops’. It melts my heart to come across people that are prepared to go the extra mile, and little acts of kindness makes a massive difference to my world.
I hope this gets back to her and she knows how much we appreciate it.”

Her post earned more commendation for Lin; with the Morrisons management recognizing her good deed thus adding her to the store’s ‘Wall of Fame’. As of posting, Amanda’s heartwarming commendation has reached nearly 106,000 shares and social media users have nothing but respect and laud for the kind-hearted staff.

Read her full post here.