• Another hunky pinoy was spotted while on duty at SM Lucena
  • The good-looking security officer named Redgie Olivar caught the hearts of online users after his photo went viral on Facebook
  • Olivar may be following the footsteps of Carrot Man, as he was tagged ‘BAEdy guard’ in GMA show’s Sunday Pinasaya

LUCENA, Philippines – With the burgeoning of good-looking men in different ‘professions’ – like that of Carrot Man, Cabbage Man, and the many others – here comes another who made it to the list of ‘viral personalities’ in social media.

Expat Photographers and Models on May 16 spotted a security staff cutie at the SM Lucena mall and featured him on Facebook. The photo was captioned:

“Move over carrotman… Spotted this security staff at #SMLucena… he looks promising for international pageants. / Calling all talent scouts, you may want to include this guy for Mister Philippines or any pageants.”

The post has had more than 4,000 reactions and shared almost 1,500 times as of posting.

And how much more popular could he get? The guy, whose name is Redgie Olivar or ‘Je’, was invited to guest on GMA’s Sunday Pinasaya which tagged him as the “BAEdy Guard”.

Adding up to his muscular built and towering height of about 5’10” to 5’11”, Olivar’s good looks and strong appeal, without doubt, has caught the attention of online users.

Another ‘Crush ng Bayan’ in the making after Carrot Man?

This #SekyuMan is sure to be the next big thing in social media. And just like Jeyrick Sigmaton, the Igorot carrot farmer from the Cordillera region, Je Olivar could be eyeing a new profession; probably a modeling career or in the entertainment industry.

Watch the episode in Sunday Pinasaya on May 22 where ‘Je’ played the part of  Delilah De Lema’s (Boobsie Wonderland) bodyguard as they visited the Talipapa Don’t Preach: