Miss Universe 1993 Dayanara Torres has revealed she is battling skin cancer.

The Puerto Rican beauty queen went on Facebook to share the sad news to her followers and supporters. In an emotional video, Torres revealed that she is battling “melanoma”; a form of skin cancer.

Image by Dayanara Torres via Facebook page

She said, “Today I have some sad news… I have been diagnosed with skin cancer “melanoma” from a big spot/mole I never paid attention to, even though it was new, it had been growing for years and had an uneven surface.”

Melanoma is considered the most dangerous type of skin cancer. It is a type of cancer that develops from the pigment-containing cells known as melanocytes. Its symptom usually starts with a mole that is increasing in size, has irregular edges, change in color, itchiness, or skin breakdown.

Torres continued that it was her fiancé Hollywood producer Louis D’Esposito who urged her to get tested.

She said, “My fiancé Louis had been begging me to have it checked and finally made an appointment himself… after a biopsy and a second surgery last Tuesday the results unfortunately are positive.”

Image by Dayanara Torres via Facebook page

Torres also said she already underwent surgery and is still awaiting on the next possible treatment option. She said, “Now we are waiting to see which treatment I will be receiving but they have already removed a big area from the back of my knee and also they have removed 2 lymph nodes at the top of my leg where it had already spread. Hoping it has not spread to any more areas or organs.”

Despite her fears, the beauty queen said she is holding on to her faith and children for strength and support. Torres said, “I have put everything in God’s hands and I know he has all control. My sons although a bit scared know about my faith and know they have a warrior of a mommy!”

Torres has two teenage sons with her former husband Marc Anthony. Cristian Marcus Muñiz, is 18 years old while Ryan Adrian Muñiz is aged 15.

Torres gave a reminder to everyone to not take their health for granted and to get tested immediately. She said, “If you see something or feel something different in your body have it checked. I had no idea skin cancer could spread anywhere else in your body.”

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