It may have started just like any ordinary day to the crew of a popular fastfood chain in Taguig City, but a lady customer sure made an impact to the crew who served her.

So touched by a customer, Jollibee service crew Mark Noguera shared on Facebook an incident which has pulled at the heartstrings of netizens, too.

Apparently, he and a fellow crew found a  message left by a customer whom he had served around 3pm on the 25th of July at the Jollibee Signal Village branch in Taguig City

Mark narrated that a table vacated by a young lady in her 20s was being cleaned by a fellow staff when they took notice of a message written on a tissue paper.

Obviously, it was intentionally left for Jollibee basing from the words in the note which read:

[This is my last Jollibee visit. I was advised by my doctor to stay away from unhealthy foods. I was diagnosed with the big C stage 2. I hope I get well soon so I won’t get to miss food served here for long. Thank you, Jollibee, hope to return.]

Believe it or not but fast food stuff fall under the ‘unhealthy’ category despite many people patronizing it; just like the lady customer who is so sad over having to skip Jollibee visits in the future.

Mark admitted that he and his fellow service crew felt so sad over the message left by the lady.

“Binasa namin yung kabuuan ng letter, after namin mabasa hindi ko alam pero parang bigla akong maiiyak sa nabasa ko.”

[We read the whole letter and after reading I don’t know why but I felt like crying.]

Mark is hoping that through the FB post he could reach out to the lady whom he described as being around 20+ and who was wearing eyeglasses at the time.

“To ate customer na nakasalamin na nasa 20+ palang yung age at kumain kanina sa Jollibee Signal Village around 3pm kanina , I recognize your face kasi ako po yung nagserve ng pagkain nyo, lahat po ng sakit gumagaling pray lang po tayo ng pray kay God kasi Siya yung Great Healer of All. Malalagpasan nyo po yan at gagaling kayo claim it po. On behalf of my JBSV family, ipapanalangin po namin ang agaran nyong pag galing and we wanna give you warm hugs if possible.”

[To the lady customer wearing eyeglasses, around 20+ who ate at the Jollibee Signal Village around 3pm, I recognize your face because I was the one who served your food, all illnesses  get cured, just pray to God because he is the  Great Healer of All. You’ll overcome your illness and will get healed, claim it. On behalf of my JBSV family, we will pray for your immediate healing  and we wanna give you warm hugs if possible.]

As a last note, his message to the lady says: “BEE STRONG & BEE POSITIVE LANG PO ALL THE TIME para makakain na po ulit kayo ng Chickenjoy namin, pag galing nyo po visit us po sa Store at itetreat ko po kayo ng kahit anong gusto nyo swear.”

[BEE STRONG & BEE POSITIVE LANG PO ALL THE TIME so you would be able to enjoy our chickenjoy again, and when you’re already healed, please visit us at our store and I will treat you to whatever you want to eat here, swear.]

Mark’s post touched thousands and more than 1K comments poured on his shared story because we have to admit that it is truly a heart-wrenching message. Many expressed prayers of healing for the lady.

Photo via Mark Noguera’s Facebook post

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