Bais City, an emerging ecotourism destination in Central Visayas celebrates a month-long festival from August to September.

City Mayor MERCEDES T. GOÑI said the city will celebrate its Golden Charter Anniversary and Fiesta from August 11 to September 10, 2018. Bais City became a Chartered City on September 9, 1968. To symbolize the twin celebration, a temporary lighthouse is constructed at the center of a ball field. A lighthouse is a guide to aerial and sea navigation; symbolizing a beacon of hope for better things to come.

The Hudyaka sa Bais, a one-day gaiety will be on September 7; a colorful and lively portrayal through choreographed street dancing and dance showdown of fishermen as they express gratitude to the patron saint, Saint Nicholas of Tolentino, as well as to celebrate the abundant harvest of marine resources and highlighting Dolphin Watching activity.

The Salawaki and Seafood Festival celebrated on the first week of September will showcase the diversity and abundance of fishery resources in Bais, living to its title as the “Shellfish Basket” in the Province of Negros Oriental. The salawaki is an edible sea urchin displayed and sold for its “Roe” or “Uni”.

Bais City is found in the Province of Negros Oriental about 45 kilometers north of Dumaguete and is one of the country’s top spots for dolphin-and-whale-watching. It has been known to be one of the cleanest cities in the Philippines as well as a safe and secure city in the country.

The city has implemented conservation measures for the species of cetaceans (including killer whales) and leaping spinner dolphins, seen in the squid-filled, 3000-foot-deep Tañon Strait between Negros and Cebu. However, whale sightings are rare outside the March to October migration season.

Other Bais nature adventure travel highlights include a low-tide visit to the Manjuyod Sandbar, as well as the Bulwang Caves, a complex of more than 400 caves.

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