Filipino action star Robin Padilla has always been known to wear his patriotism on his sleeve.

This time, he urges fellow Filipinos to do the same, albeit literally, with brainchild Brand Pilipinas 2018; a movement that pushes Philippine products forward — locally and globally.

The time is now, according to the celebrity, to break away from the clutches of colonial mentality and be proudly Pinoy.

“Ngayon ang oras para ipakita natin sa buong mundo ang ating dangal bilang Pilipino. Matapang, magaling, malikhain, mapagmahal sa bayan. ‘Yan ang tatak ng tunay na Pilipino na kinakatawan ng Brand Pilipinas,” says Robin.

And what better way to show off Pinoy pride than to wear it!

Brand Pilipinas, which debuted last June 21, is a collaboration among homegrown businesses seeking to initiate a paradigm shift to put the country back on the map economically. The Philippines, after all, is home to highly coveted, sustainable and accessible resources enough to produce premium-quality products.

Creating a distinct Filipino brand is key, but to achieve a purely Filipino first mentality, the answer lies in simply loving our own, first and foremost.

Image credit to Mermaid in Stilettos

United Neon Advertising COO Freddie Arlantico adds, “It starts from loving your own. It’s about time that we all start building our own. Be proud of everything that’s Pilipinas.”

The main goal to all of this, as Group of Five Creative Concepts George Royeca says, “We want Brand Pilipinas to be the brand we wear, the brand we eat, the brand we use, the brand of which we could all be proud of.”

As part of this advocacy, Padilla is lobbying for a bill that will patronize local products, waiting to be filed by Congress. He hopes that this will help cultivate a culture that champions Filipino brands instead of international ones. For now, the actor is active in raising awareness for Brand Pilipinas.

“Ang una munang kailangang makuha namin ay ‘yung heart and mind ng tao. Ipaliwanag muna sa kanya ito tayo, ito tayong Pilipino,” Robin said.

Currently, the action star heads the Liwanag ng Kapayapaan Foundation and is also active in various advocacies such as the Bangsamoro peace process and Marawi rehabilitation.

Submitted by guest writer Robinhood_P