It’s fuzzy what motivated the FB uploader to videotape the traffic enforcer who apprehended them for a traffic violation.

The video showed scenes of the enforcer writing ticket. He appeared debating himself as he scribbled slow. Should he get the Driver’s License, or issue a violation ticket for 2000 pesos? 

He pitched the idea earlier. And the wife concurred.

As the couple waited for the enforcer to give them the ticket, they readied the 2000 pesos.

But the husband-driver, a White Caucasian, want the receipt of his 2000 pesos written on the ticket. The wife tried to get the bribe lowered. The Enforcer demanded his Driver’s License. Thinking it’s a hassle, the wife calmed her hubby and opted to let go. The husband threw in expletive as they sped off.

Questions: Why videotape the extortion racket and upload the same when the couple themselves were accomplices by bribing the officer of the law?

The couple took part in the perpetuation of the illegal scheme. So, they wanted to expose themselves as guilty, too?

The video garnered millions of views. The public is eager for a resolution. What’s the government’s response?

The Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) conducted a press conference.

MPTB Director Dennis Alcoreza announced that he sacked Jay Gutierrez, the Sector Commander, and the unnamed traffic enforcer.  Jay Gutierrez relayed the message of the erring traffic enforcer; that he made a mistake.

The press conference looked staged. A lip service, just to appease the public. There were no complaints. Nobody knows if the MPTB let the guilty enforcer and the erring officials back in the service.

No complaints to pursue the case. The MPTB’s showed they took care of the problem. People are unsure. if they can trust their words. If things weigh equal, extortion thrives.

In case you’re not yet aware of the story, TV Patrol shared this video:


This article was submitted by Jess Fernando, a guest writer at Kicker Daily News. 

Disclaimer: The article is an opinion of the author and not of KDN.