• BuCor chief Ronald Dela Rosa ordered a total ban on communications devices inside jail facilities
  • The directive was issued following reports that some BuCor employees are lending their phones and other gadgets to inmates in exchange of money
  • Dela Rosa warned that violators will be punished severely

Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa issued a memorandum prohibiting employees and officials of BuCor from bringing their personal communications devices to jail facilities.

As per an Inquirer story dated July 23, 2018, De la Rosa issued the memorandum on July 20 ordering all employees of the bureau not to bring their cellular phones and other communications devices or gadgets such as, tablets, pocket Wi-Fi and laptops inside all jail compounds under the supervision of BuCor, including the New Bilibid prison, Correctional Institution for Women, prison and penal farms in Davao, Iwahig, San Ramon, Sablayan, and Leyte.

The directive was issued after receiving information that some certain jail employees are allowing their personal communications devices and gadgets to be used by inmates in exchange for monetary considerations.

BuCor Chief Dela Rosa inside NBP (Image capture of video by ABS-CBN)

BuCor Chief Dela Rosa inside NBP (Image capture of video by ABS-CBN)

Part of Dela Rosa’s memorandum read: “Verified information disclosed that certain BuCor personnel allows the use of their personal communication devices to some Persons Deprived of Liberty (PsDL) in exchange for monetary considerations, thereby, indirectly condoning PsDL to continue their illegal transactions outside the national penitentiary. In order to completely halt this corrupt practice and totally eradicate PsDL’s illegal transactions through communication devices, the entry of communication devices/gadgets by all BuCor officials and employees inside the prison compound is hereby prohibited.”

Violators will be dealt with accordingly, warned Dela Rosa.


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