• A kid named “Panying” loves singing so much
  • Even in tears, she sang the songs “Johnny Johnny, yes papa”
  • Netizens were so amused with the adorable video

An adorable kid has gone viral after her video amused netizens online.

On the Facebook post of Enzo Yam, he shared a video showing an adorable little girl in tears. The girl named “Panying” seems to be in the middle of a tantrum and throwing a fit but when her kuya decided to make her sing her a song, what else could she do? She sings along.

Image by Enzo Yam via Facebook page

Even in tears, Panying knows the popular kid song, “Johnny, Johnny, yes papa..” and she can’t help but sing along too. She answers, “Eating sugar, no papa. Telling lies, no papa. Open your mouth..”

The cutie little girl looked adorable as she cried saying the last line of the song, “ha ha ha.”

Enzo wrote about the video, “Yung inis na inis na siya pero singing is life. Hahaha! Panying.” [When she’s so pissed off but singing is life.]

The video has gone viral with over 2.5 million views and 48,000 shares since posting.

You can watch the video from Enzo Yam’s Facebook page:

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