• Demi Sweeney of Bournemouth shared when she caught a glimpse of a large spider in her home
  • She ordered food from Deliveroo
  • Fortunately for her, the delivery driver was well up to the task of removing the spider

A woman in Bournemouth, England has officially won the internet for her viral life hack.  She was home alone trapped in her house with a scary spider and she came up with an ingenious way to summon help.

Demi Sweeney, a Criminology student from Bournemouth in the UK, found herself in a tight situation due to a severe arachnophobia, and had no-one else to turn to.

A friend suggested she order food from Deliveroo, and see if the driver would be so kind as to remove the gentle creature from her home.

Upon messaging the delivery service’s customer team, Deliveroo suggested that she take her request to the “delivery note” section of the app, with the contingency that the driver might be even more afraid of spiders than she is.

“My fear of spiders was taken to a whole new level today in which I ordered food in a hope that the delivery driver would remove the spider,” says criminology student Demi on Twitter.

Thankfully, “Joe” from Deliveroo was able to come to her rescue, and oh boy, did he save the day.