• A fashion show in Saudi Arabia featuring a catwalk of drones carrying dresses on clothes hangers has prompted a stir on social media
  • Instead of models, drones flew down a catwalk, carrying floating dresses perched on clothes hangers

A fashion show  is an event put on by fashion designers to showcase their upcoming line of clothing during Fashion Week. Fashion shows debut every season, particularly the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasons. This is where the latest fashion trends are made. The term generally brings to our mind women or even men models walking down the ramp.

But this is not the case in this fashion show in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where they have caused quite a social media stir with people ridiculing them online.

The fashion show, which viewers on Twitter called as a “ghost fashion show”, took place Wednesday wherein they replaced the usual six-foot-tall fashion models with flying robots.

Instead of models, drones flew down a catwalk, carrying floating dresses and accessories perched on clothes hangers.

Videos from the event are now viral on the internet with social media users sharing their thoughts at the conservative country’s idea.

Saudi Arabia is still ultra-conservative; meaning Riyadh’s fashion week kept its audiences female-only and male fashion designers weren’t even allowed backstage at their own shows.

According to local news site The New Araborganizers for the fashion show said the use of drones was a first for the Middle Eastern country and that the odd technique had been used to make sure the show was “Ramadan appropriate”.

Despite the odd Riyadh fashion show, it isn’t the first time Dolce & Gabbana have used drones to feature their creations.

Last February, at Milan Fashion Week, drones were also used to parade handbags down the runway.