• Piolo Pascual shared that he’s been abstaining from food, water and other “temptations”
  • It was to show respect to his Muslim co-workers
  • He added that it’s important to show respect to other people’s beliefs and practices

Piolo Pascual admitted that he has been abstaining from food, water and “temptations” since the start of Ramadan.

image by Piolo Pascual via Facebook page

The actor explained that this is in respect to Muslim co-workers.

Piolo and Director Joyce Bernal are working on a script for a movie about Muslims and the Marawi Siege. They both want to experience the struggles of fasting. Piolo was quoted by Inquirer saying, “It’s a struggle not to drink water, especially while I’m taping for my TV series. I can’t rehydrate. I can’t spit or swallow. This is why I don’t exercise during the day—I do it at night.”

Image by Piolo Pascual via Facebook page


Piolo, who is a Born Again Christian said, “It’s all about understanding the human spirit. While it’s important that we know our faith, we should also recognize other people’s beliefs and practices.”

Fasting isn’t something new to Piolo. He shared that he once  tried the 21-day Daniel Fast and the 40-day fast done during Lent.