• A netizen in Taiwan spotted a campaign poster of a local politician with Duterte’s image
  • The campaign poster carries his campaign message
  • The picture has gone viral on Facebook

It cannot be denied that President Rodrigo Duterte has become popular in other parts of the world, both for his bloody campaign against crimes and for his fiery, if not unfiltered, rhetorics. However, it is very uncommon for a candidate in other countries to use his image as an ‘endorser’ for his own political campaign.

Apparently, this was the case of a political aspirant in Taiwan who is running on the platform of eradicating criminality.

The campaign poster was spotted by Filipino netizen in Taiwan named Nieviv Sucuaje and Isabel Sala Huang and they shared it on Facebook.

It showed a picture of a local candidate side by side with Duterte; obviously, the latter was edited into the poster.

According to the Philstar, the campaign paraphernalia carries the slogan “Value life, say no to drugs.” It was almost the same campaign platform that catapulted Duterte to Malacañang in the 2016 election.

Image by Nieviv Sucuaje and Isabel Sala Huang

The photo has gone viral on social media and has been shared more than 2,800 times with over 1,600 reactions.

Here are some of the comments on Facebook:

“Ganyan ka lakas si Digong. Yung message niya ginagamit sa ibang bansa. World wide appeal.Di ako magtataka if meron pang iba n ganyan sa ibang bansa!!.Mahalin nyo Pangulo.”

[That’s how popular Digong is. His message is being used in other country. That’s worldwide appeal. I won’t be surprised if there are other similar things in other countries. Let’s love our President.]

“Dapat maging proud tayo kasi ginagamit ang mukha ni pd30 para sa campaign nila sa anti illegal drugs.”

[We should be proud because they are using Duterte’s image in their own anti-illegal drug campaign.]

“Kaya dito nakakausap ko na mga citizen, sabihin nila na sana maging presidente dito tulad ni Duterte.”

[I spoke to some citizens here and they were hoping to have a president like Duterte.]