• The Prime Minister of The Netherlands spilled his coffee and cleaned up the mess himself
  • Netizens quickly praised the beloved leader for his humble gesture
  • PM Rutte was also photographed earlier riding a bicycle to the Palace

World leaders can learn a thing or two about humility and “cleaning up your own mess’ from Mark Rutte, the Prime Minsiter of The Netherlands.

In a video uploaded by a diplomat, which has since gone viral on social media, Rutte can be seen entering the Parliament building with an associate. He accidentally dropped his cup of coffee as he was making his way through the door; making a mess on the floor.

Without hesitation, Rutte quickly took the mop from the staff and went on to clean the floor himself. He was even laughing while “taking matters into his own hands”.

The beloved leader not only cleaned the floor, but also wiped the coffee stains from the sides of the desk.

Image by @robertgaal via Twitter

Rutte’s humble act earned admiration from the cleaners who cheered him on before eventually rescuing the Prime Minister from the mop. But not before they get pointers from Rutte on how to effectively clean a floor.

Apparently, this was not the first time Rutte became the toast of social media users for his simplicity and humble gestures, although some said it could just be part of the leader’s publicity stunt.

Earlier, he was photographed riding a bicycle to the Palace for a meeting with King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands to inform the monarch he had finally formed a new government after months of negotiation.