• Beauty products reported to be fake causing damage to some users
  • Complaints have increased
  • KMJS shares facts to inform and warn the public against the brand Goree
  • Pakistan company, the original Goree manufacturer, claims there are fake products mimicking their brand packaging and using their name

There’s a Facebook page, Goree Victims, which shares photos and updates on the latest skin dilemma experienced by many users of a certain brand, Goree.

Several users of Goree beauty products – cream, soap, facial wash, otion – have stepped forward to share their experiences and warn others while seeking answers to their own woes.

While there were testimonies singing praises for the products, there are those who’ve shared their woes, backed up by photos to show how gravely affected they were after using the aforementioned items which they had hoped would give them fairer skin in a short time duration.

However, many users complained of being seriously affected; stating that itchy rashes have spread all over their body, there’s excessive redness and a dryness or cracking of the skin, intense body heat was felt, there’s difficulty in breathing, and fever, too.  Someone was even rushed to the hospital for complications.

Further reports have told us that sold Goree products in the country are unsafe and toxic due the high levels of mercury. Moreover, the brand, originally manufactured in Pakistan, has no official store in the Philippines and also have no lotion in their company’s products.

It was disclosed further by FDA that whether the samples they have tested were fake or not, the truth is that the brand Goree is not registered with DFA which makes it banned and shouldn’t be sold, whether online or by local store sellers.

Image via Goree Victims Facebook page

So where do the sellers get their stocks?

Reports tell us that some people are sending the Goree beauty product from DUBAI using Balikbayan boxes and that proper actions have been conducted by authorities to prevent further spread of the beauty products in question.

Thanks to Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, more details were exposed and the public is made aware of the real status of the banned products in the country.

“Maging makilatis, alamin sa FDA kung rehistrado o hindi at mag-imbestiga muna.”