• A Bicolano dance group tried picking mango fruits in the most unique way possible
  • Their incredible stunt has gone viral on social media
  • A member of the group said they just did it for fun

A dance group from Bicol has gone viral on social media with perhaps one of the most incredible way of picking fruits from a tall mango tree in their neighborhood.

The group from Iriga City, Camarines Sur –The MAG Dancers – has become the latest internet sensation with their heart-stopping stunt that held anxious netizens first in suspense, then eventually in cheers.

Speaking to GMA News, Jed Nagales said it was the first time they tried picking a fruit using their acrobatic talent. Nagales is a member of the group and the one who uploaded the video and photos on Facebook.

In the clip, their female dance mate, ‘Manga Girl’, is seen being tossed by her five male friends into the air hoping to grab the bunch of mangoes from the tree branch about a meter or two above them.

Manga Girl’s graceful form and move as a dancer is evident in the video and in the poster-perfect shot. She managed to grab a few mangoes before landing safely into the waiting arms of her friends.

Image by Jed Nagales via Facebook post

It was a breathtaking moment, and a successful attempt, apparently; enough to land them on the pages of several social media websites.

A Vietnamese page, Yeah1 News, posted the video and now has more than 21 million views, nearly 60,000 reactions and over 10,000 comments.

“Trip lang po talaga namin yun [We just did it for fun],” said Nagales who further revealed that he and his friends have been dancing for years and have been training at least two hours a day and five days a week.

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