• Netizens reacted on why Scarlet Snow Belo was seated in economy class
  • They said the toddler looks uncomfortable sleeping in her seat
  • Many were quick to defend Vicki Belo; saying it only shows they like to live simply

Netizens weighed in on why the celebrity baby Scarlet Snow Belo was curled up in an economy class seat.

On a video uploaded on Scarlet’s Instagram page, the adorable toddler can be seen peacefully sleeping on her seat while they were on their way to Singapore. The video shows Nico Bolzico giving Scarlet a surprise, – a Hello Kitty collectible.

Image by Scarlet Snow Belo via FAcebook page

While the video was supposed to show a heartwarming gesture, “hawk-eyed netizens” decided to point out how “uncomfortable” the toddler looks in the seat.

One netizen commented, “Why is she in economy only? Her sleeping position looks so uncomfy. Parang masakit sa neck. Knowing her mom could afford business class. Wawa naman si baby.” [It looks like it’s painful to the neck.]

Image by Scarlet Snow Belo via Instagram account

Another one chimed in, “Mommy Vicki flaunts her branded clothes, splurges on Daddy Hayden’s religious trips. But Mommy Vicki downgraded Scarlet in the economy section. Scarlet brings money to your plate, as well as endorsements.”

However, many netizens were quick to defend Vicki Belo and pointed out that there’s nothing wrong with kids on economy class.

One netizen said, “I don’t see anything wrong. Nakakatuwa nga na na they seat na ganyan even if they can afford it. Keeping it real.”
[They still chose to seat (economy) even if they can afford it.]

One also pointed out the issue on the sleeping position, she wrote, “Pake nyo wala ba silang karapatan mag economy? My son falls asleep like this sa couch there’s nothing wrong with it. OA nyo ha.” [Why do you care? It’s not like they don’t have a right to fly economy. You’re overreacting.]

Image capture of video via Scarlet Snow’s Instagram account

Vicki earlier shared that despite Scarlet’s growing popularity,  she said, “We want her to be totally normal, as far as we can make her normal.”