Creepy — that’s how a Grab car passenger’s midnight ride could be described.

On Sunday, a social media user –  Sam Andrew Lee – shared on his Facebook account an unforgettable scary experience while he was riding a Grab Car at around 12 midnight on the way to Oasis; an events venue.

According to him, upon entering the car he booked with Grab he immediately noticed someone sitting in the backseat.

He wasted no time in confronting the driver; telling him that he requested for a Grab car and not a Grab share (car pooling).

Apparently, the driver said he came alone. So, what did the passenger see in the backseat?

Just an empty backseat – Image via Sam Andrew Lee’s Facebook post

Lee further said in his post that he looked at the backseat and what he saw was no longer there. However, after they passed by Litex going to Sandigan (in Quezon City), he saw someone there again. He closed his eyes and in his mind he talked to that someone behind him; to join him in his selfie.

“Tas pag lingon ko nawala then pag lagpas namen ng litex pasandigan lumitaw nanaman siya sabi ko kay kuya dito ulit siya the pumikit ako tas inisip ko sabi ko sumama ka sa pagselfie ko…”

He tried then to take some selfies on his mobile phone, and surprisingly, something which he perceived to be a ghost appeared in one photo. A sad-looking male figure wearing what seems to be a white undershirt could be seen in the captured image.

A closer look – Image via Sam Andrew Lee’s Facebook post

When he showed the selfie shot to the driver, Manong apparently got scared too and said why did he have to show the picture to him. After that, Manong driver asked Lee if he would ride with him until they reach his home and even offered to get another Grab car for Lee from there to take him to Oasis and that he’ll foot the fare.

But no; Lee refused; apologizing that he can’t ride with the Grab driver anymore in such a weird trip with someone who’s stronger than him: “Sorry kuya pero wala ayaw ko po kayo samahan sa byaheng may iba tayong kasama na mas malakas pa saken?”

Besides, they were almost at Lee’s destination and he had even asked a friend to meet him outside Oasis.

Here’s the full post by Lee:

Image via Sam Andrew Lee’s Facebook post

Meanwhile, his post has gotten viral and many also shared their own creepy experiences along the same area or somewhere else. But there are skeptics, of course, who insinuated it was a prank or a photo editing job of someone who wants to become ‘peymus’ [famous].

Well, Lee has this to say to the doubters and critics as well as those who sympathized with him.

Image via Sam Andrew Lee’s Facebook post

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