• A woman created a life-size Prince Harry-Meghan Markle cake
  • Lara Mason made the huge cake to celebrate the couple’s upcoming royal wedding
  • She spent over 250 hours working on the cake that is enough to feed 500 people

To celebrate the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle, a woman spent over 250 hours working on a life-size cake bearing the couple’s image.

On Facebook, Lara Mason uploaded a video of her while doing the cake, which is enough to feed 500 people. This is in time for the upcoming wedding of the royal couple on Saturday, May 19, 2018.

“What’s a Royal Wedding without cake?” she captioned her video.

Mason used cake, icing, and chocolate to create a life-size replica of the engaged couple.

Everything, except the frame that holds the cake, is edible. Even the eyes of the images can be eaten as those are made from poured sugar.

With the success of her creation, Mason encouraged everyone to push the boundaries.

Want to know how the life-sized Prince Harry-Meghan Markle cake was done? Watch this video shared by Lara Mason:

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