• Taiwan is planning to pass a bill aiming to allow foreign students and workers to become a permanent resident
  • They are trying to cope up with the “manpower shortfall” due to their decreasing population
  • POEA is considering the negative impacts if the bill is passed

Taiwan is now aiming to attract foreign workers to stay and work in their country through an immigration policy, as per  a story by ABS-CBN News.

Although the bill has not been passed yet, the official news agency in Taiwan, Central News Agency, said that the intention is to resolve a problem regarding the “manpower shortfall” due to their decreasing population.

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According to them, they have 218,000 shortages of workers and 55 percent of those are medium-skilled jobs (it includes the professionals, technical assistant for machine operator, drivers, and skilled assembly line workers.

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If the policy is passed, Taiwan will allow foreign students and foreign workers who at least worked not less than 6 years to get a chance to become permanent residents.

However, Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) said there will be pros and cons to Taiwan’s bill. Pros: Opportunity for Pinoy workers to earn much bigger salary; Cons: ‘Brain drain’.

POEA Administrator Bernard Olalia said, “Brain drain’ kasi kulang na tayo sa professionals and skilled workers natin sa Philippines.”

[‘Brain drain’. Because the Philippines is running out of professionals and skilled workers.]

Migration expert Emmanuel Geslani said that there’s a strong possibility that the bill will be approved.

“There is a strong possibility that the bill proposed will be approved by the legislature for the continued economic progress of the country,” Geslani said.

Meanwhile, the policy remains a proposal and is expected to be passed in September.

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