• Internet star Jelai Andres gets big surprise from future mother-in-law
  • Her ‘Mama D’, mom of her fiance Jon Gutierrez, gave her a lot of gifts from London
  • Some of the presents are a clothes, gadgets, bags, among others

Internet star Jelai Andres gets big surprise from her future mother-in-law, “Mama D”.

Image via @jelaiandresofficial’s Instagram account

On Instagram, Jelai uploaded a photo of the gifts she received from the mom of her fiance Jon Gutierrez.

“Thank you, Mama D. My future mother-in-law, my other mother,” she expressed.

Some of the presents include clothes, gadgets, bags, among others. All of which came all the way from London.

“Thank you for spoiling me always! I know love has nothing to do with the material things but I am amazed by the thought behind each and every thing from London with Love,” she wrote.

Jelai also thanked Jon’s mother for loving her as her own.

“You love me like I was one of your own which makes me feel like one of the luckiest girls in the world. You have been a therapist, a friend, and a mother. I love you, Mama D. You have all my respect like how I respect and love my real mom,” she expressed.

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