• Anne Curtis reacted envioulsy when Boy Abunda mentioned he had met Anne’s favorite Korean star, Gong Yoo
  • Anne Curtis revealed some of her fascinating “fangirling” moment in an episode of Tonight with Boy Abunda
  • The actress shared that she even flew to Hong Kong for an opportunity to meet the K-drama actor

In an interview with Tonight with Boy Abunda on Monday, May 28, Anne Curtis candidly shared about her great admiration for Korean Super Star Gong Yoo and reacted enviously when Boy mentioned he had met the latter in person.

Although Anne Curtis-Heussaff has established a name of her own in the country and is a superstar herself, with millions of fans and followers, she admitted that she is still like any ordinary fan who also admires other big-time celebrities.

The 33-year-old model-actress revealed how she became a fan of Gong Yoo.

According to ABS-CBN News, Anne started to admire Gong Yoo when she watched “Train to Busan”.

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She found the 38-year-old actor so attractive. She got so into him that she even researched about him and watched his other films and TV series like “Goblin”.

The “Sid and Aya” lead actress even mentioned about the most “outrageous” moment she did for Gong Yoo. Anne told the press that she traveled to Hong Kong just to get an opportunity to meet and interview Gong Yoo.

It was her former co-host Kim Atienza, who informed her about the interview, but while she was there waiting, the last minute change disallowed Anne to personally chat with her favorite Korean star.

Although, it didn’t go as planned, she was still happy that she was able to attend the K-Drama actor’s grand fan meet in Hong Kong.

Host Boy Abunda, on the other hand, responded to Anne by mentioning he had personally met the Korean star Gong Yoo personally.

Guess how she felt about that.

The actress then got shocked and asked “Tito Boy, are you serious?.” Anne’s envious and seemingly regretful reaction got laughs from studio audiences. Boy Abunda then described Gong Yoo as a “shy and mysterious actor.”

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