• A lady passenger, Jennifer Riordan, died after a jet engine blew and shattered the window next to her
  • The 43-year-old mother-of-two was dragged head first through a window which had been smashed by the engine fragments

The passenger who died on Tuesday after an explosive engine failure forced a Southwest Airlines flight to make an emergency landing has been identified.

Jennifer Riordan of Albuquerque, New Mexico was the victim on Flight 1380 from New York to Dallas, KOAT-TV reported.

The 43-year-old mother-of-two was traveling home to her family following a business trip when she was hit by a shrapnel after the Boeing 737 blew an engine at 32,000 ft on a flight from New York to Dallas.

Riordan, who is a vice-president of community relations at Wells Fargo bank, was dragged head first through a window which had been smashed by the engine fragments; causing sudden decompression of the cabin.

Fellow passengers fought to pull her back inside the plane as it depressurized and quickly descended thousands of feet per minute, according to several passengers.

After trying to pull the woman back for several minutes, a man in a cowboy hat and a second man finally got her into her seat.

The Boeing 737-700 was about 20 minutes into its journey from New York’s LaGuardia Airport when the engine failure occurred. The plane, carrying 144 passengers and five crew, diverted to Philadelphia International Airport where it made an emergency landing.

Riordan is survived by her husband, Michael Riordan, and two children, Averie and Joshua.




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